How to Install a Sprinkler System

 Kwik-Trench Earth Saw

Installing an underground sprinkler system yourself may seem overwhelming, but it can be much easier than you think and will cost you much less than contracting the project. Like any project, however, installing a sprinkler system requires planning. Little Beaver Store presents this guide to help you through the process of installing a sprinkler system and introduce you to equipment that can be used for much more.

Step 1: Installation Requirements

Before beginning this project, you should contact your local water company or municipal authority for building code and permit information. This information will help you plan where to trench and prevent contamination.

Step 2: Outlining and Supplies Planning

Outlining your property will help you plan where major obstacles are and where trenches must be dug for the system. This step will also help you plan supplies. Factors like soil type, meter size, supply line, water pressure, and water capacity will all guide you toward the appropriate supplies.

While this information is primarily used to determine pipe material and items needed for the system, it will also help you determine how the trench will be made. Little Beaver Store offers Kwik-Trench Earth Saws that not only cut variously sized trenches and come in various horsepower options but can be used for much more. Kwik-Trench Earth Saw can be used for electric dog fencing, low voltage wiring, plumbing and drainage lines, landscaping, silt fencing, and root pruning.

 Kwik-Trench Earth Saw

Step 3: Installation

Before trenching and pulling the pipe, you must shut off the water supply at the meter. Then, you can tap the service line, slip on a compression tee, and connect the sprinkler system to the water supply. Then you will want to install a shut-off valve for future use, should you need to do repairs. Then, check that all utility lines have been marked.

Now, you can use your Kwik-Trench Earth Saw to cut trenches along the lines you should have painted. These trenches will need to be a minimum of 6” deep. This equipment should not be used to dig through ground cover or flower beds and should be used with extra caution on slopes and near utility lines.

Finally, you can pull the pipe and the cable wire throughout the trenches on your property. Should you need to get under the walkways, you can use your hose on the jet setting to cut through the dirt under the walkway to insert the pipe. After the pipe and cable wire have been installed together and all connections to the water supply and sprinkler nozzles have been installed, you can turn the water back on at the meter and enjoy your beautiful, hydrated yard.

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