What Are Mini-Trenchers And What Are They Used For?

Mini-Trencher Kwik Little Beaver

Whether you plan on installing an electric dog fence, landscaping your edges, or adding a new lawn sprinkler system, a Little Beaver Kwik-trench is the best way to complete your project. This mini-trench allows you to get a job done alone quickly. If you want to learn how to get a job done more efficiently, here is how a Kwik-trench helps you complete your outdoor project goals.

What is Kwick-Trencher?

Think of a mini-trencher as equipment that allows you to rip into the ground with steel teeth. Earth-moving equipment comes in many sizes and models to suit your use – from installing electrical cables to any landscape projects.

Various Types Of Landscape Trenchers

The model of trenchers used for landscaping is far different from those used for farming or utility trenching. Landscaping trenchers are usually more compact and suitable for DIY projects. These trenchers are more maneuverable and can be taken everywhere. When purchasing a landscape trencher, viewing all available options is important.

The Walk-Behind Trencher From Little Beavers

The Little Beaver walk-behind Kwik-trenchers are far easier to use than handheld trenchers. This is because a walk-behind trencher lets you guide the trencher where it will go. Since these trenchers usually walk backward while digging, they may be seen as a safety hazard. However, the Little Beaver Kwik walk-behind trencher has a push-forward design, making it far safer than other mini-trenchers. Plus, it can reach a cutting speed of 30 feet per minute, allowing you to do the job faster.

Tires On A Little Beaver Kwick-Trencher

Another good thing to look for when purchasing a mini trencher is pneumatic tires. These tires can move over grass without causing damage and help you maneuver near fences and gardens. The Little Beaver Kwick-trencher has these tires, so you won’t need to worry about ruining your turf. Another bonus of the Kwick-trencher is its ability to place soil next to the trench for simple backfilling.

If you’re looking for your next mini trencher, the Little Beaver Kwick-trencher is a heavy-duty mini trencher great for DIY landscaping projects. See all the Kwick trencher models below:

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