Little Beaver 5.5 HP Post Hole Digger Honda 20:1 - MDL-5H2

Drill the absolute rockiest ground. Rotating at 180 RPM, our 20:1 slow speed Little Beaver post hole digger is for the most extreme drilling situations. Post hole digger features a Honda GX-160 engine with 8-inch solid tires. Auger not included.
Part Number: MDL-5H2

$3,211.65 each


Little Beaver 5.5 HP Post Hole Digger Honda 20:1 - MDL-5H2

Little Beaver 5.5 HP (4.8 net) Honda engine (GX-160) with 8" semi-pneumatic tires and 20:1 transmission (MDL-5H2)

Use this slow-speed earth digger to drill the absolute rockiest ground. Rotating at 180 RPM,  our 20:1 slow speed Little Beaver post hole digger is just the piece of equipment you need for the most extreme drilling situations. This is a great one man hole digger for so many different uses. Built to last, it is bound to get you through a lifetime of digging the harshest dirt and clay. Applications include fencing, deck work, landscaping, sign erection, soil sampling, and horizontal boring.

Post hole digger features a Honda GX-160 engine with 8-inch solid tires and 20:1 transmission. Auger not included.

For over 50 years, the versatile Little Beaver mechanical Earth drill has been the #1 choice of rental store owners, fencing contractors, and other professionals who require a one-man auger that is safe and simple to operate. Thanks to its patented torque tube, Little Beaver has eliminated the kickback found in competitive augers. This has made one-man drilling safe and productive.

Little Beaver Mechanical Earth Drill Operators Manual

Engineered to Last
Little Beaver transmission Little Beaver on/off switch Little Beaver centrifugal clutch Little Beaver auger
Little Beaver builds its own heavy-duty transmissions that feature o-ring seals, heat treated shafts and bearings mounted in an oil bath, and cooling fins for quick heat dissipation. Engine throttle control and the on/off switch are conveniently located on the left handle. Padded handles are ergonomically designed for less fatiguing operation. A reliable centrifugal clutch slips when a buried object is encountered or the auger is overloaded. This protects the flexible drive cable, transmission gears, and shafts from damage. Little Beaver offers a complete line of snap-on augers in both 36″ and 42″ lengths. Diameters range from 1.5″ to 16″. Little Beaver also offers snap-on extensions in both full flighted and tube configurations.
Little Beaver horizontal boring Little Beaver snap-on auger Little Beaver superior digging speed Little Beaver carts
Little Beaver’s horizontal boring options easily convert your earth drill into a cost effective horizontal boring machine. Sidewalk auger kits and water drilling kits available. A convenient snap button holds the auger securely to the transmission adaptor and lets you easily connect or remove augers and extensions without pins or tools. Little Beaver Earth drills are incredibly fast. Operating at 360 RPM, our augers rotate much faster than competitive units. This increases your drilling productivity and results in cleaner holes. Customize your Little Beaver with a variety of engine, wheel and carriage options, including roll cages and rick-sha carriers.
Tips for Every Use
Little Beaver standard bit Little Beaver carbide bit Little Beaver heavy duty bit
Standard augers are equipped with hard-faced, replaceable points and cutting blades. Most blades are reversible for added value. Use Little Beaver’s carbide blades when drilling hard clay, frozen ground, asphalt or hard pan soils. The carbide blade replaces both the standard point and cutting blade. Heavy-duty blades quickly cut through rocky soils. These augers operate most efficiently at a slower RPM speed and are recommended for 20:1 or 13:1 gear ratios.
Engine Brand/Model B&S Vanguard OHV Honda GX160 OHV B&S Vanguard OHV Honda GX240 OHV
Engine Horsepower 5.5 hp (4.8 hp net) 5.5 hp (4.8 hp net) 8.0 hp (7.9 hp net) 8.0 hp (7.9 hp net)
Oil Alert System Standard Standard Standard Standard
Torque Tube Standard Standard Standard Standard
Centrifugal Clutch Standard Standard Standard Standard
7' Flexible Drive Shaft Standard Standard Standard Standard
Snap-On Auger Adaptor Standard Standard Standard Standard
Gear Reduction Ratio 10:1 10:1 10:1 10:1
RPM* 360 360 360 360
Wheel Size 8" 8" 10" 10"
Wheel Type** Semi-pneumatic Semi-pneumatic Pneumatic Pneumatic
Dry Shipping Weight 125 lbs 132 lbs 147 lbs 167 lbs
* Optional 13:1 or 20:1 gear reduction transmissions generate 277 or 180 RPM’s, respectively.
* * Optional 10″ pneumatic wheels are available for MDL-5B and MDL-5H.


Name Little Beaver 5.5 HP Post Hole Digger Honda 20:1 - MDL-5H2
Engine Brand Honda
Gear Reduction Ratio 20:1 (Slowest/ Highest Torque)
RPM 360
Wheel Size 8"
Wheel Type Semi-pneumatic
Price $3,211.65
Manufacturer Little Beaver Inc.