How To Transport A Little Beaver Earth Drill Or Earth Saw

Being able to easily move your Little Beaver earth drill or saw to and from locations is an important part of the process of operating the machines. Having reliable and accessible ways to transport the equipment not only makes the job a little easier but also ensures that the machines are not damaged along the way. Thankfully, there are many different options on how to safely transport all Little Beaver equipment, both big and small.

Transport Frame

It can be extremely difficult to move large hydraulic drills like the Little Beaver Hydraulic Un-Towable Drill, from location to location due to its size. With the transport frame, you can effectively mount the drill to the hitch of your vehicle and safely move the drill to your next job with ease. Please note that this frame can only be used on towing vehicles like trucks and some SUVs.

transport frame on truck

Tilt Bed Utility Trailer

trailer for earth saw

For equipment that cannot be hitched to a vehicle, there is still a dependable way to move your machinery to where it needs to be. For the Little Beaver earth saw, there is the tilt bed utility trailer that easily hooks up to the back of your truck to allow the saw to tow behind you without any damage to your vehicle or the machine. This trailer is designed to work with all Kwik-trench earth saws, so you can easily pull your saw from job to job without any issues.

Direct Tow

Some models of hydraulic earth drills were designed to be towed and come with all the necessary towing equipment to attach the drill directly to your vehicle. One of these towable drills includes the HYD-TB11H.

towable earth drill

Other Transportation Options

mechanical earth drill

Almost all mechanical earth drills are compact enough to fit into the bed of a pick-up truck to be easily moved from location to location. Please note that when transporting these drills, disconnect all parts from the motor and ensure that the machine is fully switched off.

For more questions on your Little Beaver earth drill or saw, please reach out to our team of experts.

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