How To Replace or Repair Little Beaver Standard Auger Blades

Little Beaver Standard Replacement Blade

Thankfully, repairing or replacing Little Beaver standard auger blades is easy. There are also included benefits that come with replacing your auger blades. First, replacing your auger blades will help your Little Beaver earth-digging machine last longer and increase its effectiveness in digging tasks.

What Blade Does A Little Beaver Snap-On Auger Use?

Standard snap-on augers use bolt-on points and blades.

Replacing The Point Of An Auger:

  1. If you choose to replace the point, you will need to place it on the side so that the flighting starts on the right-handed side.
  2. After this, place the point on the mounting pad and install your bolt on the right side. This is done so that the head of the bolt is facing you. The nut should be facing you on the left-hand side.
  3. The reason the nut is installed like this is so it does not get damaged from wear and so that it is easier to replace.

Replacing The Blade Of An Auger:

  1. You can attach a side blade using two bolts.
  2. One innovative feature of Little Beaver augers is that you can flip the blade and use the other side when one side is no longer working.
  3. Flip it over and attach the other side with two bolts.

If You Are Still Unsure How To Replace The Blades Watch This Video:

Can I Repair My Little Beaver Blades?

If you have already used both sides of your blade and worn it out, there is no way to repair it. You will need to purchase a new one to dig safely. Digging with a worn blade could result in low-quality performance from your earth digger and may even be unsafe. Always use a blade that is still in good condition before digging.

Little Beaver Standard, Carbide, and Pengo-Style Blades

If you are looking for various blades for your auger, carbide blades can help dig through frozen ground, while pengo-style blades are used in rocky terrain. If you want to learn more about blade styles, view our drilling guide.