How To Repair Or Replace a Little Beaver Spring In Button Attachment

The Little Beaver spring-in button is an exclusive feature of Little Beaver Earth drills and is created to facilitate placing augers and auger extensions on a Little Beaver earth drill. The spring-in button is used to hold your auger to the adapter. But, if you ever need to replace the spring-in button, it is easy and does not take much work.

Replacing a Spring-In Button Attachment

To replace a spring-in button attachment, first:

  1. Bush the button in.
  2. Remove the spring-in button with needle nose pliers after this.
  3. Next, insert the new spring-in button.
  4. Finally, you can lock it in place; that is all it takes to replace the spring-in button.

Should You Repair Or Replace The Spring-In Button

There is no way to repair the spring-in button, and since the replacement is available at a low price, it should be replaced instead of fixed. This button is simple enough to replace and should only take a few minutes.

Replacing Your Spring-In Button Or Other Parts Of Your Little Beaver Earth Drill

The spring-in attachment is easy to replace, and various other Little Beaver parts can be replaced, such as the Little Beaver flex shaft assembly, the end assembly housing for the flexible shaft, and blades with points. If you need help replacing these parts, visit our resource guides on replacing Little Beaver parts.

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