How To Prevent Mechanical Earth Drill Issues

While mechanical earth drills are powerful machines, they are not resilient. Proper operation and maintenance will prevent issues. Mechanical earth drills are a popular choice of machinery for drilling multiple holes quickly, but that doesn't mean just anyone should handle one. These have many moving parts; understanding and acting on the importance of maintenance will prevent issues. After all, mechanical earth drills are a reasonably costly investment; you will want to keep it running efficiently to achieve the best return on your investment.

Little Beaver Mechanical Earth Drill

Minimizing Issues with My Mechanical Earth Drill

Perform a Safety Check

Performing a safety check before each use will help keep your drill running smoothly. To perform a safety check, you will want to…

  • Check that the torque tube is installed correctly.
  • Check for damage or missing parts.
  • Check that the transmission is lubricated and that the pipe plug is tight.
  • Check that the flexible shaft has also been lubricated and that the shaft and core are not torn, broken, or worn down.
  • Check the clutch and throttle bracket for loose fitting, discoloration, and proper connection.

    • For a complete safety check and common troubleshooting information, please refer to your owner's manual or check out Little Beaver Store's Mechanical Earth Drill Safety Check & Troubleshooting article.

      Choose the Proper Gear Ratio and Auger Attachments

      To prevent damaging the drill while drilling, remember the gear ratio and auger you will need for the type of soil you are working with. Choose a 10:1 gear ratio and a standard auger for soft soil with few rocks and roots. Choose a gear ratio of 10:1 and a carbide blade for clay and difficult solids. For rocky soils and holes larger than 3 inches in diameter, use a 20:1 gear ratio reduction and a heavy-duty auger. Gear reduction will slow the auger from 360 to 180 rpm, allowing rocks to pop out of the soil.

      For more comprehensive information about choosing the best auger, Little Beaver Store has assembled an article, Auger Comparison, Use, And Attachment Information, which discusses the proper type of auger, points, and blades to use per soil type and auger size.

      How Long Does a Mechanical Earth Drill Last?

      With proper use, your mechanical earth drill will likely last over ten years. Because mechanical earth drills were designed to shorten the time you are drilling holes, they are commonly used for no longer than an hour at a time. Typically, operators claim the machine is broken, but the issue is that the points and blades have been worn down beyond being effective. If the drill is running and spinning as it usually should, the point and/or blades may be the issue.

      Mechanical Earth Drill Manual

      Mechanical Earth Drill Safety Check & Troubleshooting

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