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When you want a fast, reliable earth digger, think Little Beaver. For over 50 years, the versatile Little Beaver mechanical earth drill has been the number one choice of rental store owners, fencing contractors and other professionals who require a one-man auger that is safe and simple to operate. With its patented torque tube, Little Beaver has eliminated the kickback found in competitive augers, making one-man drilling safe and productive. Operating at 360 RPM, standard Little Beaver earth drills are incredibly fast, while our 277 RPM and 180 RPM drills are built for digging the rockiest ground.

Apart from our superb diggers, we carry a huge assortment of augers, extensions, points, blades, adapters, parts and more.

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Our incredible team of highly skilled professionals are passionate about our products and providing you with top of the line resources and tools. Attentively serving our customers' needs for over 30years, we offer below-market prices on high-quality drills, accessories and replacement parts. We proudly sell the best mechanical post hole diggers, hydraulic earth drills, towable hydraulic earth drills, and un-towable earth drills money can buy.

As your one-stop Little Beaver store, we are always available to offer advice, make suggestions, or find you an instruction manual. Please contact us by calling (888) 378-1056 or email today.
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