Why Does Little Beaver Have A Torque Tube?

Little Beaver Earth Drill

When a customer purchases one of our Little Beaver drillers, we want to ensure that it is the right product for the job, but most importantly, we want to ensure they are safe while using this heavy machinery. That is why all our earth drillers are designed with torque tubes.

Some may remember that older models of hole diggers did not come with this added safety feature. This old design caused most of the rebound from drilling to go directly to the person using the machine. Receiving the constant impact could be physically taxing, especially when drilling multiple holes. This design was also extremely dangerous when drilling in rocky soil. If a rock or hard substance were struck while drilling, the impact would go directly to the operator. This would often throw the person from the machine, leaving the auger spinning freely. Acknowledging this safety issue led to the addition of the torque safety tube, which eliminated the risks and made drilling an enjoyable experience.

Torque Tube Safety

The torque tube was added to prevent injury and lessen the physical toll. This tube absorbs the brunt of the force when drilling, making drilling multiple holes a day less demanding and keeping you safe from possible impacts lurking within the soil.

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