Which Replacement Transmission do I Need for My Little Beaver Auger?

This is the date code on the Little Beaver Auger

If you are looking to replace the transmission on your Little Beaver Auger, look no further than the Torque Tube which connects to the body of the auger. Just above the Torque Tube (the drill part of the auger) where it is connected to the body you will find what looks similar to a serial number. However, this is actually a date code stamp that is crucial to understanding what transmission replacement you will need.

How to Know What Kind of Transmission is in My Little Beaver Auger?

After finding the date code on the body (as pictured here) you need to look and see what 6-digit number is listed there. The first 4 digits are Month/Year (e.g 0321 is March 2021) which is good practice to keep note of to plan for any future repairs.

Following this is going to be one of 3 numbers: 10, 20, or 30. These directly correspond to what type of transmission you need as 10 is a 10:1 ratio and 20 is a 20:1 ratio. It’s important to note that 30 is NOT a 30:1 ratio but actually a 13:1 ratio.