What Other Things Can I Use My Little Beaver For?

Although augers are commonly used for industrial-focused jobs like post-hole digging for fencing, decking, or even electrical poles, this tool can accomplish various tasks. Quickly transform your Little Beaver unit into the ideal machine for many outdoor jobs.

Horizontal Boring Kits

Whether you want to install landscape lights or need new water pipes installed, we have the perfect kits to do the job. Our sidewalk and driveway auger kits are designed to transform your Little Beaver into the perfect horizontal boring unit.

These kits are great for installing wiring or plumbing underground, and the path for installation goes under either a sidewalk or driveway. Instead of digging up these structures, you can easily bore underneath them. This helps save time and the costly expense of repairing your sidewalk or driveway afterward.

Soil Sampling Kits

Knowing the soil quality you are working with is very important. Make sampling soil, monitoring your well, or even performing geophysical work easier with our easy-to-use, high-quality tripod kit. Working in tandem, this tripod kit and your Little Beaver will allow you to have a controlled dig to achieve your sampling goals.

Foundation Repair

Foundation issues can be a costly and stressful experience. Make repairing the problem easier by having our bucket auger. This handy addition to your Little Beaver will allow you to drill deeper holes with reduced friction, making it the perfect tool to have during home foundation repairs.

Anchor Adapters

Quickly and effectively anchor your mobile home, party tent, or even a utility pole with one of our many anchor adapter kits. Our anchor kits come with all the needed accessories to convert your Little Beaver into the perfect tool to anchor whatever you need.

Little Beaver Attachment Kits