What Is The Most Portable Earth Drill?

Little Beaver Hydraulic Auger Towable Model

You may prefer a portable earth drill when getting to a job site fast. However, choosing the correct earth drill is essential. An earth drill should be lightweight yet tough enough to drill through frozen clay or rocky soil. Little Beaver, an American-made manufacturer of the most efficient earth drills, has a towable auger that is reliable and safe. These drills can be towed with a truck or any other vehicle.

What Is A Towable Earth Drill?

A towable earth drill is made for transport and has all the necessary components for fencing, sign installation, landscaping, or any other tough job. These drills are created to dig in various soils and have an auger lock to keep your drill steady while moving to different job sites. Plus, with the unique design of the towable earth drill, you can drill right next to buildings and other structures with a 180-degree three-position handle.

How Easy Is It To Transport A Towable Earth Drill?

These earth drills can be transported with a simple tow bar included with your towable earth drill. The tow bar attaches to the 2-inch ball on your vehicle. This is considered a “no tools” tow hitch, so you can lock it in place and move on to the next big project. It’s the ultimate time saver; no more lifting augers into your trailer and wasting valuable time and energy!

Earth Augers Made From Durable Materials

Thanks to the welded steel plate and tube construction, your auger will work for many years. The towable earth drill uses an inlet suction strainer and a 10-micron return filter in the hydraulic system. This means that your unit will stay clean and free from contaminants.

Easily Mobility With The Earth Auger

Ready to move like never before? This towable auger has a 20-degree tilt that will allow for drilling even in sloped terrain. Plus, the tires created to navigate highways also move smoothly along turf without damaging delicate landscaping.

Is The Towable Earth Drill For You?

If you constantly move and have little time to catch your breath between fencing or landscaping contracts, this is the hydraulic earth drill for you! These earth drills use most standard Little Beaver auger attachments so that you can choose between standard, carbide, and pengo-style points and blades with various auger sizes. Start drilling smarter today with Little Beaver earth drills!

Towable Earth Drills