What Is the Difference Between an Auger & a Drill?

Augers and drills have similar functions but differ by application. Using the wrong equipment can make your project much more difficult and unsafe. Understanding the differences between these terms can be confusing, depending on your project or the industry. Don’t worry; Little Beaver Store is here to help.

Generally, the terms "auger" and "drill" refer to the tool that is used to drill a hole. An auger is used to drill holes in the ground or soil. A drill, which is essentially an electric screwdriver, is used to drill small holes in materials like wood, metal, plastic, and masonry to place a screw or fastener.

When using earth drilling equipment, the term "drill" equates to the machine and power source, which is the mechanical or hydraulic earth drill. The "auger" equates to the drill bits. The auger is the large spiral-shaped blade that attaches to the earth drill. The term "auger" is used generally to describe the earth drilling machine with an auger attachment.

When To Use A Drill Versus An Earth Drill

For projects that require drilling into materials like wood, metal, plastic, etc., you should use a standard hand drill. Drills are used when you need to make small holes in material for screws or fasteners.

Earth drills, mistakenly but interchangeably referred to as "augers," are used for projects that require drilling holes in the ground. Earth drills will remove the soil from your drilling spot so you can place posts, plants, etc., in that location.

If you need to make a hole in tough material, earth drills can be converted into a drill for wood, concrete, and masonry. Drill chucks attach to earth drills, empowering you to drill small holes through tough materials. If you need to drill holes in fence posts, wood decks, concrete, or masonry, Little Beaver Store offers drill chuck tools to convert the earth drill into a stronger drill. Some are offered as just the drill chuck, and some come with an attachment adapter.

If you need assistance deciding if you need a drill or earth drill, also referred to as an auger, please reach out to our friendly sales staff. They are happy to help in any way they can!

If you need more information about the applications of earth drills, please explore our Resources Hub.

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