What Do I Need To Tow An Un-Towable Earth Drill?

Little Beaver Untowable Earth Drill

If you own an Un-Towable earth drill but would like to not add it to the back of your truck or a trailer, you can make your earth drill as towable as the towable model without purchasing another Little Beaver earth drill. The Little Beaver Transport frame is created to help tow your un-towable earth drill easily. This transport frame is created to attach to the back of your truck or SUV with the wheels away from the road so they will not be damaged.

How Do I Hitch The Un-Towable Hydraulic Earth Drill To My Vehicle?

It’s simple to hitch your un-towable earth drill to a vehicle.

  1. First, line up the correct holes and then insert the pin.
  2. After this, secure it with a cotter pin.
  3. Place the drill in the cradle (ensure the hydraulic hoses are clear).
  4. When this is finished, you can loosen the wench.
  5. Once this is done, you must pull the pin to access the hook.
  6. Then, roll out your strap and place the hook on the lifting eye.
  7. Secure the wench in the opposite direction and lift the drill until it stops.
  8. Once again, ensure the hoses are clear.
  9. Put the safety pin in place and connect the anti-sway bar.

After you have completed these steps, you are ready to start driving to your next worksite.

Can Any Vehicle Tow The Un-Towable Hydraulic Earth Drill?

You can tow this drill if your vehicle has a 2-inch slide-in receiver. While many people are unaware, they can tow their lightweight auger in this way; once you have the proper attachment, it is easy to do and allows you some extra space in your truck bed for other tools or auger attachments you may need.

Can I Tow A Mechanical Earth Drill?

For now, mechanical earth drills from Little Beaver cannot be towed but can be placed in your truck bed or trailer. If you are looking for a towable option, hydraulic earth drills are what you need.

Un-Towable Hydraulic Earth Drill

Whether you already own an un-towable hydraulic earth drill or are looking to purchase one due to its compact and easy-to-transport design combined with incredible horsepower, you can count on getting any hole drilling job done fast when you purchase this transportable auger.