Using Little Beaver Earth Drills And Saws For Landscaping

man landscaping with earth drill

You already know Little Beaver earth drills and earth saws are effective at making easy work out of installing fences, sprinkler systems, and other outdoor applications. Though did you know you can use these high-quality machines for even more outdoor projects? Improve the appearance of your front and backyard by using your Little Beaver drill and saw during your landscaping and gardening projects.

Adding landscaping to your home or business is a great way to increase curb appeal but can often be a daunting task. Traditionally, adding flowers or other plants required backbreaking digging in the hot sun that could require hours of work to finish. However, by using your earth drill or saw, you can cut that time in half while also saving your body from the wear and tear of planting all day long.

Like drilling holes for fence posts, the Little Beaver earth drill can be repurposed to dig holes for items like flowers, shrubs, and trees. Unlike manual digging, your drill is capable of drilling perfect, clean holes every time to ensure efficient work. Using a Little Beaver drill also means you do not have to call on family and friends to help you with your landscaping adventures. The easy drilling and patented torque tube safety feature makes planting a full flower bed a simple one-person task.

Similar to the earth drill, the earth saw can be effectively repurposed to help with gardening and landscaping projects like edging beds or sectioning off areas for planting. The Little Beaver saw can dig trenches from 4 to 12 inches deep to fit the needs of whatever your outdoor projects require. The earth saw also cleanly deposits the excess dirt to one side of the trench to make refilling or cleanup a breeze.

Keep your yard looking amazing with little effort by putting your Little Beaver earth drill and saw to the test. For more tips on how to use and maintain your earth drills and saws, please check out our other articles.

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