Types of Earth Auger Drills

There are four types of earth auger drills. Like a regular drill, an earth auger drills spins as it bores holes and carries out the material as it drills; however, earth auger drills dig into the earth. Different earth auger drills are used for various purposes based on power, hole depth, and width. When choosing the best earth auger drill, consider your project and your ability to handle the power generated by this equipment. Little Beaver Store offers one-man hole diggers, two-man auger handles and motors, and augers and extensions for one-man, two-man, and earth drills/auger drills.

Hand Auger

The simplest type of earth auger is a hand auger drill. These are lightweight, portable, inexpensive, require little effort, and are great for small projects. Hand augers range from 4 to 8 inches deep, perfect for gardening.

One-Man Auger

One-man augers are a step up from a hand auger drill. While also lightweight and easy to use, these are used to dig deeper holes with wider diameters. One-man augers are powered by an engine or battery and are used to plant small trees, fences, and ice drilling.

These are the most popular earth auger drills because one person and work can handle this auger for most jobs. These drill augers from 4" to 9" in diameter, and its 150 RPM motor generates 225 lbs-ft of torque, though a 220 RPM motor is compatible. Little Beaver Store has a collection of one-man hole diggers for you to choose from.

Two-Man Auger

Two-man augers are heavier-duty. These are powered by a 2-cycle or 4-cycle engine, producing enough power that two people must handle the machine when drilling. Two-man auger drills dig deep and wide holes for bigger plants or install large fences.

Also popular, two-man augers drill holes with larger diameters from 10" to 16" and feature a standard 150 RPM motor, though 220 RPM and 125 RPM motors are compatible for greater speed or added torque. Little Beaver Store has two-man handles with motors for a standard one-man earth auger drill.

Earth Drills/ Auger Drills

Earth drills are usually attached to large machinery, like excavators, for scientific excavating and exploring. Civil contractors and earthmoving operators generally use these. Little Beaver Store has augers and extensions that can be attached to large earth auger drilling equipment.

For more information or help choosing the right earth auger drill for you, please reach out to our friendly sales representatives. They are happy to help in any way they can.

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