Towable Versus Un-Towable Earth Drill

Thanks to Little Beaver’s advanced technology, you can use less weight to position your earth drill auger into the dirt and easily transport it from one worksite to the next. Towable and un-towable drills offer options to attach a hydraulic earth drill to your truck without needing a clunky trailer. However, if you are unsure which Little Beaver hydraulic earth drill is right for you, here’s a quick summary of some key differences.

The Towable Hydraulic Earth Drill

The towable hydraulic earth drill is affordable and receives a 36” or 42” auger. This towable earth drill is powered by an 11-horsepower Honda GX340 engine that is made for a heavy workload. It reaches 2,700 psi pressure and a 150-rpm operating speed. You can dig deep with the auger, reaching 16” into the ground. Plus, since this drill is towable, it saves you space by attaching to your truck or SUV with a tow bar. The highway-rated pneumatic tires can be used on the road or turf without damaging delicate landscaping. Another benefit of this earth drill is that you can tilt the auger 20 degrees in any direction to allow even drilling on uneven terrain.

Key Features:

  • 6.5-Gallon Hydraulic Oil Reservoir
  • Pneumatic Tires
  • One-Touch Controls On The Three-Position Handle
  • 11 HP Honda GX340 Engine
  • Welded Steel Plates And Tube Construction
  • Snap-On Connection Augers

The Un-Towable Hydraulic Earth Drill

The un-towable hydraulic earth drill is made from the best construction materials and has an additional power pack and receiver hitch to provide other transportation options. The torque-free design allows maximum safety, and one-touch controls will enable you to forward and reverse operation with an ergonomic handle with extreme comfort in mind. This machine has an 11-horsepower Honda GXV340 engine that gives extended power to your auger. This system reaches a psi pressure of 2,700 and 141 RPM of operating speed. You can tilt the auger 10 degrees to the left or right to account for uneven ground. Plus, the pneumatic tires glide over any landscape without damaging yards.

Key Features:

  • 4-Gallon Hydraulic Oil Reservoir
  • 16-Inch Semi-Pneumatic Tires
  • Pressure-Relief Valve Stops When Too Much Hydraulic Pressure Is Detected
  • 11 HP Honda GSV340 Engine
  • Torque-Free Design For Added Safety
  • Removable Power Pack

Towable Versus Un-Towable Earth Drill

If you are still not sure which earth drill is the right one for your towing purposes, this table will help you decide:

  Towable Earth Drill Un-Towable Earth Drill
Engine: 11 HP Honda GX340 Engine 11 HP Honda GSV340 Engine
Removable Power Rack: No Yes
Handle: Three-Position Handle Standard Handle
Psi Pressure: 2,700 2,700
RPM: 150 141

Towable And Un-Towable Earth Drills

These earth drills, while transportable, are also easier to use than traditional hydraulic and mechanical earth drills. If you are looking for Little Beaver earth drills that are great for first-time fence installers or professionals who need to save energy, these are the perfect ones. These earth drills take much less weight to maneuver and can be transported to any job site faster than traditional earth drills.

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