The History Of Little Beaver Earth Drills

Little Beaver Cutting Machine Article

Little Beaver began with Newman Hayes. As a teenager, he started tinkering with things in his garage and became a mechanic. Later in life, Hayes owned a tractor and car dealership. In 1947, in Livingston, Texas, a man came to Hayes with a need for an end-mounted machine attached to a tractor. This was the first official Hayes Manufacturing Company product. Later, the Little Beaver cutting machine was created to cut trees, and after this, a gearbox and auger were added. The engine was mounted to a backpack, but soon after, the engine and components were placed on the ground.

The Modernization Of Little Beaver

In the ’50s, BR Hayes started running the company and modernized the Little Beaver earth drill. After this, it was passed to Joe and John in the '80s, and they added a torque tube. Little Beaver is continuing the family tradition by bringing on the son of Joe Hayes, Joseph Hayes, as an engineer for Little Beaver. Overall, four generations have been responsible for the progress of Little Beaver, and their earth drills are still made in the United States in Livingston, Texas.

What Has Improved In The Earth Drill Creation Process?

A skilled expediting technician controls all shipped Little Beaver Earth drills. Before any auger or earth drill is shipped, they are rigorously inspected to ensure superior quality. The R & D specialists at Little Beaver are always looking for new ways to improve the design of earth drills and augers to give you the best experience. Most of the small parts associated with these earth drills are created in the plant, ensuring better quality and less cost. Each part and product has a unique powder coat that will help them last for many years. Little Beaver is the most reliable and long-lasting company in the United States when it comes to hole-digging equipment.

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