The Benefits of Buying Instead of Renting

man digging in gravel

While renting machinery can be a cost-effective option for homeowners that are wanting to do a few DIY projects in the yard, it can be a time-consuming and expensive endeavor for contractors and other installation professionals.

Though the cost of renting an earth driller is relatively inexpensive for one-time uses, it can quickly add up if needed for large and ongoing projects. Along with that, the process of retrieving and returning the machine can take away valuable time that could be spent doing other important tasks.

Benefits of Buying

For those who need to dig often in their profession or even the avid home improver, the benefits of buying a Little Beaver drill far outweigh renting one. Though the upfront cost of purchasing a Little Beaver is costly, it is a worthwhile investment that quickly pays off.

Purchasing an earth drill gives you unlimited access to quickly digging holes for posts, landscaping, or other outdoor jobs with little to no effort. Buying a Little Beaver also gives you the freedom to choose the exact system that works for your needs, like a mechanical or hydraulic model. When renting, you are usually left with the inventory the store has available for you.

Along with that, having your own earth drill assures you that you are using a well-maintained machine. Often rentals are heavily used with little to no maintenance and have the potential to not be in the best condition, which could be dangerous. With having your very own drill, you can have peace of mind that the machine you are using is properly taken care of and will do the job safely and efficiently.

Explore our extensive selection of Little Beaver earth drills today and see how owning one can improve your outdoor projects while saving you time and money.

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