Snap-On Versus Screw-On Augers

Snap-On and Screw-On refer to how an auger is secured to a drill. Traditionally, augers were screwed into earth drills. The discrepancy between thread sizes of various auger brands caused frustration, excessive purchasing of various parts, and wasted time. Snap-On augers were the solution! The standardization of the connection between drills and augers and the snap button feature now grants quick auger changes. All Little Beaver brand augers are Snap-On, so that you may attach Little Beaver brand augers, auger extensions, and parts to any brand of earth drilling equipment. Little Beaver Store also offers Screw-On to Snap-On auger adaptors.

Snap-On Augers

Snap-On augers feature a convenient spring-loaded snap button that secures the auger to the drill head. These eliminate the need for pins and bolts. Snap-On augers are offered as Standard, Heavy-Duty, Pengo-Style, Hex, and D-Series auger types. These augers come in thirteen diameter sizes from 1.5" to 16", and auger lengths and auger extension lengths vary by auger type.

Screw-On Augers

Screw-On augers connect to the drill using a pin or bolt. Unlike Snap-On augers, Screw-On augers will require the appropriately sized pin or threaded bolt, and sometimes the appropriately shaped connection ends. While Little Beaver doesn't offer Screw-On augers, Little Beaver's Snap-On augers can be attached to non-Little Beaver brand drills using a Little Beaver adaptor.

Little Beaver offers Snap-On augers, extensions, and parts. Any Little Beaver Snap-On product can be attached to a non-Little Beaver brand drill using our adaptors, which may be found under Parts.