Little Beaver Hydraulic Drill Hitch And Wheel Assembly

Little Beaver Hydraulic Towable Earth Drill

Whether you are looking for a hitch or wheel for your Little Beaver earth drill, you may not know what goes into these parts. All the required parts are available if you are trying to hitch your Little Beaver hydraulic earth drill. Remember that these tow and hitch parts are only compatible with the towable hydraulic earth drill. If you need help determining what drill you have, view the mechanical versus hydraulic earth drill comparison.

Parts Of A Little Beaver Tow And Hitch Assembly

The towable hitch is the first part of the Little Beaver tow and hitch assembly. You can connect this to your Little Beaver earth drill to be towed on a truck or SUV. Thanks to its movable design, towable hydraulic earth drills are a popular Little Beaver digging tool that can assist you with small or large jobs. Not only do you need a tow and hitch, but you may also require auger pins for your earth drill. The auger pins will help keep your hitch and tow assembly in place.

Wheel Assembly For Little Beaver Earth Drill

Along with the hitch assembly, if you are looking for replacement parts for the wheel assembly associated with the Little Beaver hydraulic earth drill, you’ll need a seal, cone, cotter pin, nut, and grease cap, or if you like, you can purchase the entire wheel assembly for your earth drill that already includes the bearing, seal, and cap.

The grease cap is another essential part of the wheel assembly. The grease cap is the round cover that is found at the center of your wheel. Sometimes, they are referred to as dust caps. The grease caps are used to stop dirt from entering your bearings. As you can see, each component of the wheel assembly is used to help make it glide smoothly over grass or on the road when you are towing your hydraulic earth drill.

Hitch And Wheel Assembly For Towable Hydraulic Earth Drills

If you need a hitch and wheel assembly for your hydraulic earth drill, you can find all the parts you need in the parts finder guide. The parts finder has detailed diagrams illustrating all parts for mechanical earth drills, hydraulic earth drills, and kwik trenches.

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