Little Beaver Auger Teeth

Little Beaver Carbide Blade With Ripper Teeth

If you are ready to take your earth drilling to the next level, carbide blades could help you dig through the most challenging soil. For the most complicated soils, carbide blades with ripper teeth will help you expertly cut through frozen clay or hardpan soil. These carbide blades are heavy-duty, and the best part about Little Beaver snap-on augers is that they can be used with different blades and points. Depending on the soil you are digging through, you can switch your blades and points.

Do Points Matter When Digging Through Rough Soil?

If you are digging through complicated soil, you will need a point that will complement your carbide blade. Digging through compacted rock requires a chisel point with a carbide blade. The blade cuts the ground into small pieces, making it more efficient to get through compacted or hardpan soils. Carbide blades are available for standard augers and hex augers. No matter whether you need to dig a large or small hole, there is a carbide blade available for you.

Heavy-Snap On Augers For Durable Drilling

If you are digging in rocky soil, not only will carbide blades with ripper teeth help you, but a heavy-duty snap-on auger will help you achieve your goals. These augers come with heavy-duty tooth and side-cutting blades. They move slower than a regular auger and can be used with 20:1 or 13:1 gear radio transmission. Blades for these heavy-duty augers are held in place with a rubber lock. These are excellent augers when drilling through the most challenging soil.

What Happens When A New Blade Is Needed For An Auger?

You can purchase a new carbide blade with ripper teeth when replacing your blade. You do not need to replace your entire auger. This saves you additional money and means you can switch out points and blades to customize your digging experience.

Little Beaver Auger Teeth

If you are looking for a reliable earth drill with a carbide blade with ripper teeth, Little Beaver earth drills can be customized to dig through soft or rocky soil and will last for many years.

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