Is There A Reverse On A Little Beaver Auger?

Drilling holes is a complex, labor-intensive job, and what can make it even harder is having to pull your auger out of the ground after every dig. Seeing this issue, Little Beaver developed their hydraulic earth drills with reverse capabilities. Gone are the days when you must fight to remove your auger from the dirt. Flip the lever with the Little Beaver hydraulic auger and have the machine do the heavy lifting.

Safety When Reversing a Little Beaver Auger

Only reverse if your Little Beaver auger is stuck or there is an obstacle when using a Little Beaver for anchoring. This reversing option should not be used in any other situation. Make sure always to replace blades when they no longer work properly.

Little Beaver Auger Options

There are three different augers to help you complete the job: standard snap-on, carbide, and pengo augers. Standard augers work best with soft soil and sand. Carbide augers work better with hard clay and frozen ground. Finally, Pengo augers do well digging through rocky soil. All these augers will work with a reversible hydraulic earth drill from Little Beaver.

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Standard Snap-On Auger From Little Beaver

Standard Snap-On Auger

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