Increasing Profits With Little Beaver Augers

Mechanical Earth Drill In Soil

If you own a business, you know that you don’t have any time for mistakes from Earth drilling tools. Between attracting and retaining customers and hiring skilled employees, it's a lot on your plate. Plus, since equipment and labor cost a large chunk of your profits, you need durable and efficient machinery. The Little Beaver mechanical earth drill is a mechanical drilling auger made in the United States and is one of the safest one-person drills on the market today.

Increasing Your Power When Running A Digging Business

With so many expenses, including wages, benefits, and everything in the middle, you need the best equipment to run a fencing or landscaping business where you will be digging multiple holes throughout the week.

One-Person Earth Drill Operation

Many contractors prefer to use mechanical earth drills when digging holes. These machines allow augers to rotate at speeds up to 360 rpm. The only issue with a mechanical earth drill is that usually they require two people to operate safely. However, a Little Beaver mechanical earth drill makes one-person operation possible due to the steel torque tube. This tube is attached to a separate carrier connected to the drill’s handles. When a Little Beaver drill has torque and kickback, it is transferred to an engine carrier, so it never returns to the operator.

Imagine what you could do if two people were no longer needed to dig holes! You could increase productivity by only using one person. Additionally, the design of the Little Beaver mechanical earth drill makes it easier to move, so it will increase your capacity to do more in less time.

Tested Results That Increase Profit

If you want proof of the Little Beaver earth drill’s capabilities, compare the same project with different tools. A residential wood fence, usually a standard 80- by 40- feet, needs about 20 holes. A typical two-person drill would take about an hour, from taking the drill out of a truck or trailer to completing the holes. But, since a Little Beaver mechanical earth drill will only use one person for drilling, the other person can start working on different parts of the fence.

Even if the second person does nothing, you can still complete your project in thirty minutes compared to an hour. If you’re a business owner with multiple projects daily, those thirty extra minutes add up and can account for more time on a project. Instead of gaining money, you’ll be losing some revenue due to two-person digging. Instead, opt for a one-person mechanical earth drill.

Make Your Business Successful With A Mechanical Earth Drill

While creating a successful business is not a walk in the park, finding the right tools can help you increase revenue and complete your goals. If your industry relies on earth augers, one-person drilling can provide a safe and fast way to do the job.

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