How To Fix Common Issues With Your Hydraulic Earth Drill

little beaver hydraulic drill

Little Beaver hydraulic earth drills are highly reliable and sturdy machines that help make digging holes for different outdoor projects and installations a breeze. However, like any machine, they can have issues that prevent them from performing like they should. We understand that this can be extremely frustrating when you are trying to complete a task, and we would like to give our customers an easy solution on how to get their drills back up and running.

Below, we have compiled some of the top problems someone may have with their hydraulic earth drill, with also a list of what may be the cause of these troubles so you can easily identify the issue and resolve it.

Frequent Issues & What May Be Causing Them

When the motor will not turn on

  • The kill switch on the handle might be in the off position
  • Be sure that all pieces are fully secured and that the torque tube is not connected at the engine end
  • Check all fueled levels. If gas and oil are too low, the engine will not start
  • The engine stop switch might be set to “Off” or “O”
  • Spark plugs might need replaced

Auger turning too slowly

  • There might be a bend in the linkage between the control lever and the valve. To check this, turn the engine off and check to see that neither lever is able to touch the handlebar when pressed to fully forward or reverse positions.
  • Or too much down pressure or too dense of soil on the sides of the hole. Carefully hold the auger back to allow it to turn at full speed, then proceed to drill.

Cannot attach or detach auger

  • Soil or other debris is clogging the adapter
  • The adapter may be bent and needs replaced
  • The spring or button within the auger might be damaged and needs replaced

Auger turns but will not dig

  • The auger may be compacted with soil and other debris
  • The point or blade of the auger may be too dull and needs replaced
  • Using the wrong type of blade or point for the soil you are drilling into

Hydraulic oil or hoses are overheating while drilling

  • It is perfectly normal for these parts of the drill to become hot while drilling. However, if you believe something is wrong with your drill, please contact one of our sales representatives.

Auger will not dig with an extension on it

  • Connection between the auger and the extension is clogged with soil or debris
  • The extension or the auger may be bent and needs replaced
  • You may have too many extensions connected

Auger is turning when the engine is idling

  • The valve or linkage of your drill is binding. This is a hazardous issue; do not use your drill and contact a sales representative immediately

Have more questions about your Little Beaver hydraulic earth drill or other Little Beaver equipment? Please reach out to one of our dedicated team members, who would be happy to assist you.

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