How To Create The Perfect Footings For A Deck With Your Mechanical Earth Drill

Man Using Little Beaver Mechanical Earth Drill

Now that summer is near, you may dream of the perfect outdoor hangout space. However, to complete any outdoor project, you'll need the right tools to get the job done. One of the critical factors in creating a successful deck is the footing. Footing can help support the deck's weight and prevent dangerous sagging and rotting of wood.

If you need help securing your deck footing, these guidelines will ensure your deck stays strong even before summer get-togethers begin.

Choosing The Proper Layout and Location For Your Deck

First, when choosing the correct footing for your deck, you'll need to look at how large your deck will be and what layout and location will fit that size. Next, after you complete this step, think about how much usage your deck will get. Are you planning on throwing large parties every weekend, or are you only looking for a place to sit and eat dinner occasionally? Your footing may need to change depending on how much weight your deck will support.

What Codes Will I Need To Follow For Deck Footing?

Another point you'll need to consider is building codes. These codes will vary depending on your state and may determine the footing style. Before commencing a project, contact a local government expert to verify how many footings are needed, the spacing requirements, and how far you can dig.

Generally, you'll need to dig under the frost line when creating your footing. This line can vary from 12 to 60 inches, so check before starting.

Time To Get Digging With A Mechanical Drill!

Once you have confirmed building permits from the city hall and found where underground utility lines are, you're ready to dig! But what machine will create the best footing holes? Some heavy-duty machines leave ruts in mushy soil and cause lawn damage. Fences and smaller side yards also limit how large a machine can be, and you'll need help reaching a worksite with something that barely fits.

However, there's an easy solution for all these problems; a mechanical drill! Little Beaver mechanical earth drills are easy to maneuver and allow one-person operation. These earth augers have various options to help you cut through clay, hard-pan soil, and even frozen ground. They are the best companion for any deck job, and Little Beaver offers customizable accessories to help you dig any size hole in any setting.

Mechanical drills are much more portable than any other heavy machinery. All mechanical earth drills feature pneumatic tires, so one person can move the carriage anywhere without harming the lawn or soil. A steel torque tube is also included that allows one person to use the mechanical earth drill without fear of unsafe kickbacks.

Final Steps To Create Deck Footing

Creating footings is easy once you begin digging with your mechanical earth drill. Dig the required hole, then move on to the following location. Then, once the concrete is set, footings can be used for deck construction. The crew then may choose to start the frame for the deck, and you'll be ready to host any celebration on your new deck space.

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