How to Attach a Little Beaver Auger and Auger Extension

Attaching an auger to a mechanical or hydraulic earth drill is easier than ever with Little Beaver's innovative "snap button" design. Other brands of earth drills use the traditional pin or bolt attachment method to connect the auger to the earth drill and another pin for the extension. Used on other mechanical landscaping equipment, the pin and bolt methods, while effective, are difficult to use, take time, and are easy to lose. With the snap button design on Little Beaver equipment and attachments, you can quickly snap or unsnap the auger and extensions as needed. Learn how to attach an auger and auger extensions below.

Attaching an Auger

As stated above, attaching an auger is as simple as snapping it onto the earth drill. But you need a little more information than that to make a safe connection the first time and make it a habit. Before attaching the auger, you must prepare and start the engine properly.

Before Starting the Engine:

  • Check the engine's oil level. Refill if needed.
  • Attach the torque tube and ensure it has engaged the safety kill switch at the engine bracket.
  • Turn the safety kill switch on the handles to "ON."

To Start the Engine:

  • Set the choke lever to "ON" and pull the starter rope. It should start after 2 or 3 pulls.
  • Set the choke lever to "OFF" and let the engine warm up for 2 to 3 minutes.

Attach the Auger

After the engine has warmed up, attach the auger.

  • Insert the auger into the drive adaptor, which is located at the bottom of the handle assembly.
  • Align the snap button and the hole in the adaptor; you will hear the snap button spring into place, and the button will pop into the hole.
Attaching a Little Beaver Auger

With the auger attached, hold the handle so that your left index finger can operate the throttle and your right hand is gripping the handlebar. Position the auger straight up and down over the spot you want to drill into and pull the throttle lever in completely.

Congratulations! You are operating an auger! Let the auger cut into the soil, and remember to hold up the auger slightly when drilling into softer soil to apply pressure and drill slowly when drilling into tougher soil.

Attaching an Auger Extension

Auger extensions are required when a hole of greater depth is needed for your project. These are just as easy to attach as an auger as they utilize the same snap button attachment method; however, attaching and removing an auger extension requires a few more steps. If you know you need to use an auger extension, it is important to note that you should not connect the extension to the auger before drilling into the hole you need to make deeper. You must drill a pilot hole with the auger before attaching the extension. Follow along below for more instructions.

  • With the engine prepared and started and the auger attached, drill a hole until the top of the auger is barely sticking out of the surface.
  • Stop the auger and disconnect the drive adaptor from the auger, which remains in the ground, by pressing the snap button inward and pulling the auger away from the adaptor.
  • Align the auger extension over the top of the auger, with the augers' snap button aligning with the extension's hole. When you hear a snap or click, the extension has been attached to the auger.
  • Connect the extension to the drive adaptor and continue digging.

Removing an Auger Extension

To remove an auger extension, you will kind of repeat the attachment instructions in reverse.

  • Stop the auger and disconnect the drive adaptor from the extension by pushing the snap button and pulling the extension away from the adaptor.
  • Remove the extension and auger from the hole and disconnect the extension and auger by pushing the snap button in and pulling the parts away from each other.
Attaching a Little Beaver Auger Extension

Earth Drilling Equipment and Auger Adaptors

You may wonder how you can use this innovative design and Little Beaver's quality attachments with another brand of earth drilling equipment or another brand of auger to Little Beaver's earth drilling equipment. Don't worry; we have a solution. We offer adaptors that attach to your equipment and allow you to connect a Little Beaver auger.

While the drive adaptor is connected to the transmission unit, you can purchase adaptors that connect a Little Beaver auger to earth drilling equipment that utilizes the pin or bolt attachment method or the other way around. The adaptors feature a snap button end and a pin or bolt attachment end, and we offer adaptors for round or square connection points, so you are sure to find the right adaptor connection.

For a demonstration of how to attach an auger and an auger extension without the earth drilling's engine having been turned on, please view Little Beaver Store's exclusive video. Note that you should not attach the auger before the engine is warmed up when actually using your earth drilling equipment.

If you have any further questions about augers, extensions, or their attachments, please visit our Resources Hub for a collection of informational articles or reach out to our sales team. They are happy to help in any way they can!

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