Do Little Beaver Augers Work In Reverse?

Little Beaver Augers have helped make drilling holes for both residential and commercial projects a simple and efficient task. These machines quickly and cleanly drill holes that can be used for a variety of applications, like installing a fence, putting in landscaping, or even anchoring a mobile home. Though some might wonder, once a hole has been dug, how do you remove the auger? Is there a reverse?

Some Little Beaver earth drills are designed with a reverse feature. However, this feature should be used with extreme caution and only put into use if the auger becomes lodged within the soil and cannot be pulled free.

What Little Beaver Earth Drills Have Reverse?

Only Little Beaver hydraulic earth drills are designed with a reverse rotation. All hydraulic earth drills have reverse rotation capabilities, while mechanical earth drills do not come with this feature. This is because mechanical earth drills are high-speed, lightweight machines that are not designed to drill in dense soils, which could cause the drill to become wedged or stuck and not able to be easily freed by pulling it from the hole.

How To Use The Reverse On A Little Beaver Auger

While Little Beaver hydraulic augers are capable of working in reverse, this setting should only be used to free the auger if it becomes stuck in the hole, as mentioned above. This is because pulling the auger out while still in motion is very dangerous and can lead to serious injury to the operator. If your auger does become caught in the hole and you are not able to freely pull it, tightly grasp the handlebars and ensure that the auger is standing straight up. Then, slowly push the reverse lever on the handlebars with your thumb in short intervals and begin to slowly pull the auger out. Once your auger is close to the surface, stop reversing and pull the auger from the ground. Your auger should never be in motion in any direction outside of the hole.

In situations where you are drilling a hole and the auger does not become lodged in the soil, the proper way to remove it is by having the auger come to a complete stop and then pulling it out of the hole.

Please always remember to follow the proper safety measures when operating your Little Beaver earth drill. For more questions about your Little Beaver earth drill or other machines, please contact one of our helpful team members.

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