Difference Between Super Blade Plus and Super Extra Rock Teeth For Earth Saws

Kwik Trench Running On Lawn

When you purchase a Little Beaver Mini Trencher, you buy a trencher that has been tested and upgraded for over 50 years. These trenchers are created to meet all your shallow trenching needs and are compact enough to reach areas inaccessible to larger trenchers. However, you may be wondering about the teeth options for these trenchers. There are two types of teeth: Super Extra Rock Teeth and Super Blade Plus. All teeth on Kwik Trenches are created to bolt on the cutter wheel so that they can be replaced easily.

Differences Between Rock Teeth And Super Teeth?

Little Beaver has two teeth types that can fit on a Kwik-Trench mini trencher. These include the Super Blade Plus and Super Xtra Rock Teeth. The Super Blade Plus is created to cut through softer soil conditions, including loam and sand. Ideally, this blade can work as fast as 30 feet per minute.

The Super Extra Rock Teeth are created for dense clay and rocky soils. These teeth can cut at about 20 feet per minute.

Both blades are made from carbide steel so that they will last many years.

Are There Replacement Teeth Available?

Thanks to the bolt-on design of Little Beaver teeth, you can easily replace teeth within an hour. Depending on the model, you may need 4 to 16 cutting teeth. Since the cutting teeth complement each other, you can choose what teeth you need depending on the type of landscape you will trench into.

Safety Features Of Kwik Trenches

These mini trenchers do not have any chains or other equipment similar trenchers may have. Instead, the Kwik trench pushes the earth saw forward, so you are not walking backward. Walking without looking where you are going could cause you to run into branches, shrubs, or tree roots and make for dangerous falls. Instead, the Twik Trench moves forward alongside with you.

The Best Teeth For Your Twik Trench From Little Beaver

The best teeth for your Little Beaver Twik Trench are official OEM teeth. View our large selection of teeth options for Kwik Trenches: