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While there are many choices when choosing a mechanical hole-digging machine, the Little Beaver mechanical earth drill is a top option for contractors and rental stores. This mechanical earth drill is handy when digging for fences, decks, or landscaping. But what’s the difference between the Little Beaver mechanical earth drill and other products on the market? These are the top 4 reasons the Little Beaver mechanical earth drill reigns supreme for any large or small outdoor job.

1. The Little Beaver Mechanical Earth Drill’s Mobility

While other mechanical drills require two people to dig, this mechanical earth drill is operational by one person and is easy to move with included semi-pneumatic or pneumatic tires. Plus, since the Little Beaver mechanical earth drill is compact, it can fit in places other hole-digging machines cannot.

If you’ve ever worked in a tight space, you know how difficult it is to bring a large piece of equipment into the area. And, as another plus, the Little Beaver mechanical earth drill has an additional ricksha that can help you navigate your mechanical earth drill on rough terrain.

2. Multiple Customization Options For Little Beaver Mechanical Earth Drills

Do you have a project where you must dig into the frozen ground or require horizontal boring options? Well, with a Little Beaver mechanical drill, customization options are limitless. You can purchase a sidewalk auger kit, attach a Pengo-style auger, or upgrade your mechanical drill with a roll cage. With so many options, any project you can think of is easily accomplished with this hole-digging machine. Several large nursery augers can help you accomplish any task if you have any nursery or garden projects.

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3. So Many Safety Features For Little Beaver Hole-Digging Machines

While operating an auger can be safe, Little Beaver earth drill machines take it to the next level by offering unique safety features. The attached steel torque tube transfers digging torque from the drill head to the engine carriage. This reduces kickback from the machine going back to you and offers secure operation of the machine.

Another safety feature of these mechanical drills is the centrifugal clutch. If an interruption to operation occurs, such as an object under the surface, the clutch will slip instantly to protect the user from a severe injury. Little Beaver mechanical earth drills are some of the safest earth drills. Using a one-person-operated earth drill eliminates the risk of one operator letting go of the drill and injuring the other operator in the process.

4. The Attention-To-Detail That Little Beaver Gives Mechanical Earth Drills

Little Beaver Earth drills are made in the United States in Livingstone, Texas. That means you get a quality made-in-America product when you receive a Little Beaver mechanical drill. Not only are these drills made in Texas, but they also have additional small details that make your life easier. Many augers are created with a quick snap-on connection that easily removes and replaces an auger without using additional tools. Along with this, padded handles on the mechanical drill create superior comfort for the user and enhance operation. Another great feature of these machines is the cooling fins in the transmissions. These help eliminate excess heat and improve the longevity of your machine.

And to top it all off, heavy-duty flighting is available for all Little Beaver augers, along with replaceable and reversible blades. These machines are made to last many years and help you create holes easily.

Is the Little Beaver Mechanical Earth Drill worth it?

As a one-person operational mechanical earth drill, Little Beaver machines are some of the best available. If you know anyone that owns one of these machines, you’ll hear about their reliability, easily replaceable parts, and excellent performance. If you need a mechanical earth drill, look no further than The Little Beaver mechanical earth drill.

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