Can You Use An Earth Auger For Ice?

Little Beaver Hydraulic Auger Used To Dig Hole

Many contractors are tempted to skip out on purchasing two different types of augers and use an earth auger for ice projects. However, while earth augers can drill through frozen clay, they still are not capable of digging directly into ice. For this purpose, you may need an ice auger. But if you plan to dig through rocky terrain, a hydraulic or mechanical auger will do the trick. These augers will drill holes for telephone poles, decks, and solar posts.

Unlike manual augers, Little Beaver mechanical and hydraulic augers are created for digging deep soil and do not require much manual force.

Why Should You Purchase An Earth Auger

Suppose you already have an ice auger and are considering purchasing one for additional projects. In that case, an earth auger will save you more time than digging the holes manually and is versatile enough to work in nurseries, horizontal sidewalk boring, and electric utility projects. That is why if you have an ice fishing auger, you may want an additional auger that will not only work for one purpose. Plus, Little Beaver earth drills are safe enough to be used by one person, as opposed to two-person augers that need two people to function safely.

Tube And Full Flighted Auger Extensions

Along with adapters, augers include extensions that can help you dig deeper. Full-flighted extensions are created to extend the reach of your auger. Tube extensions work by adjusting the auger to dig into horizontal holes. These are the preferred options for landscaping projects and can sometimes help with gas lines or plumbing.

Earth Augers For Harder Soil

If you plan to use your auger in hard soil, choosing carbide blades and points will give you an advantage when digging into hard clay, frozen ground, and hardpan soil. While you can dig into the hard ground when using the correct blades and points, it’s essential not to push your auger into the ground. Little Beaver earth drills are created to work independently without any manual assistance.

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