Can An Auger Drill Through Rock?

Heavy-Duty Little Beaver Pengo-Style Auger

Depending on the landscape where you will place a fence, you may come across rocky soil that is difficult to dig through. In these cases, the best bet is to find a drill that has a durable enough blade and point that it will not break when dealing with these complicated terrains. Little Beaver earth drills have available auger attachments to dig through rocky soil.

What Points And Blades Do You Need To Dig Through Rocky Soil?

When drilling through rocky soil, you'll need pengo-style points and blades. Pengo-style carbide points are created for heavy-duty drilling operations. These pengo-style points usually come with the necessary hardware to attach to your auger and will assist in getting the job done faster than a standard point. Along with pengo-style points, pengo-style blades are created for maximum efficiency when drilling through difficult spots. Hardsurfaced pengo-style blades are specially made for drilling into abrasive soil. However, if you are looking for points and blades for frozen ground, carbide blades and points are your best bet.

What Type Of Auger Size Works Best In Rocky Soil?

When drilling through rocky soil, you'll need a heavy-duty auger. Unlike standard augers, these augers include heavy-duty teeth and side-cutting blades. The Little Beaver heavy-duty auger drills at a slower RPM than the standard auger that would come with your Little Beaver earth drill. Use this auger with a 20:1 or 13:1 gear ratio transmission. Blades on these augers are held onto the auger with a rubber lock. Choose a heavy-duty auger to help you quickly drill through abrasive soil.

Can You Use A Standard Blade For Rocky Drilling?

If you use a standard point and blade for drilling in rocky soil, you risk damaging your blade and auger. This could cost you more money since you will need to replace the blade, auger, and points. It's far better to purchase the correct tools before digging and give yourself a foolproof advantage.

Choosing The Right Auger

When drilling in places filled with rocks, use a heavy-duty auger with a Pengo-style carbide blade. This will guarantee the project's success, and you'll spend less time digging.

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