Auger Versus Post Hole Digger

Little Beaver Heavy Duty Towable Auger

If it’s time to dig a hole in the ground for your project, you may have scoped out the selection of tools available and have no idea what to use. Choosing which tool is preferable for your operation can be complex between grafts, post-hole diggers, hand breakers, and augers. Depending on the difficulty of your project and the manual labor you wish to put in, one tool may work better than the other. Some top tools people use for digging holes are augers and post-hole diggers.

What Is The Difference Between An Auger And Post Hole Digger?

Usually, when referring to a post-hole digger, this is a manual tool with a similar look and feel to a shovel but has sharper blades at the bottom that are pushed into the ground as far as they can go to create the hole. Usually, these post-hold diggers have a comfortable handle made from a high-quality material such as fiberglass. On the other hand, augers are both manual and automatic. A manual auger has a handle at the top and a spiral that helps “screw in” the auger in the Earth to create a hole. Automatic augers are usually gas-powered and are the easiest to use when creating a hole.

Which Post Hole Digging Method Is More Efficient?

Out of all the options, an automatic mechanical or hydraulic Earth drill is the most effective for digging holes. It digs holes much faster and requires less manual labor. This is ideal if you own a business and are trying to build many fences rapidly. On the other hand, if you don’t mind digging holes with some force, post-hole diggers are the cheaper solution. However, an upgrade for this is a manual auger. Manual augers are the in-between of these two options and offer an easier twisting method that is not as harsh as pushing the post-hold digger into the ground.

What Other Features Do Automatic Augers Have?

Unlike manual methods, automatic augers can be used for multiple projects such as:

  • Sidewalk Or Driveway Boring
  • Tilling Garden Beds
  • Soil Sampling
  • Securing Mobile Homes
  • Installing Utility Anchors
  • Inserting Tent Stakes

Therefore, if you plan on completing other residential projects, an auger is a multipurpose machine that will make your work life easier. Augers, otherwise known as Earth drills, from Little Beaver are made in the United States and are created from high-quality materials, and have added safety features such as a steel torque tube that reduces kickback. One person can safely operate Little Beaver augers.

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