Are Little Beaver Augers Worth It?

Little Beaver Auger Digging In Soil

Since a good-quality auger is expensive, you may wonder if purchasing an earth drill with an auger is worth it. However, you may not know that augers can be used for multiple things, such as soil sampling, mobile home anchors, and horizontal boring. Augers are so much more than just hole-digging. Plus, augers have advantages over manual digging tools you may have yet to consider.

What Makes Little Beaver Augers Better For Your Health?

Did you know that mechanical augers are better for your health? When you excessively use force with a shovel or post-hole digger, stress goes towards the hands and the arms. Plus, if you are dealing with rocky or frozen soil, digging into these surfaces is complex and can strain your back. If you plan on digging a lot this year, plan for a better solution, such as a mechanical earth drill, to help you get the job done.

Not only are augers better for your health, but they save you lots of time. Imagine the difference between a machine that is made to dig through various landscapes with safety regulations, such as a one-of-a-kind torque tube that transfers kickback from the auger to a power source, compared to a less costly manual post-hole digger that will work efficiently based on the person completing the work.

Are Little Beaver Augers Easy To Use For One Person?

All Little Beaver hydraulic and mechanical earth drills are created to operate under one person. Unlike bulky mechanical two-person augers, you won’t need two people to complete the job. These machines can also be dangerous if one operator loses control of the machine and the machine continues to work with only one person controlling it.

If you are building a fence or planting thousands of bulbs for a greenhouse nursery and doing the job alone, a Little Beaver auger is precisely what you need.

Are Little Beaver Augers Better For Worksites Than Post-Hole Diggers

Little Beaver augers are the best tool for your projects if you are a contractor or owner of a large landscaping or fencing business. Manual augers or post-hole diggers cause projects to get done much slower, and if workers are tired from making holes, you can expect less productivity. Plus, you may be liable for worker’s compensation if a worker is injured. Avoid all these problems by using Little Beaver augers. These augers are some of the safest in the industry and are made from high-quality materials.

Buying A Little Beaver Earth Drill

Overall, if you have a large project where an auger will be used, it’s preferable to use an automatic Earth drill. However, a manual option is suitable if you only use the post-hole digger for a few residential holes. However, remember that Little Beaver Earth drills offer extensions, so they are a multi-purpose machine that can help you with driveway boring, utility anchoring, and geophysical work. You cannot do these things with a manual digging tool.

If you’re ready to look at all Little Beaver hydraulic and mechanical earth drills, we offer a wide selection of models with different engines, blades, and wheels.

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