Rick Sha

At Little Beaver Store it's incredibly easy to find exactly the right replacement part you need to get up and running again. Below is a diagram of the rick-sha handle and carrier used with Little Beaver mechanical earth drills, followed by links to all the available replacement parts.

Part Diagram Upper Pull Handle - Little Beaver 6000 Handle Grip for Two Man Handle - Little Beaver 30194 Bolt, Hex NC, 5/16 Nut, KEP NC, 5/16 Nut, KEP NC, 5/16 Bolt, Hex NC, 5/16 Nut, KEP NC, 5/16 Cotter Key, 1/8 20 Flat Washer, 3/4 Socket Head Cap Screw (5/16 Flat Washer, 3/8 Rick Sha Carrier, 5 HP - Little Beaver 6002-A Rick Sha Carrier, B&S 7 or 8 HP - Little Beaver 6002-B Lower Pull Handle - Little Beaver 6001