Little Beaver Carbide Snap-On Auger (8" x 42") - 8X42-SSC

This 42" auger is designed for compacted clays, asphalt, coral rock, soft sandstone, and limestone. It includes an 8" carbide blade.
Part Number: 8X42-SSC

$352.86 each


Little Beaver Carbide Snap-On Auger (8" x 42") - 8X42-SSC

Looking to drill in hard clay, frozen ground, or hard pan soils? Drill faster by cutting the clay or ground into small pieces with a carbide blade! Carbide blades make it easy to chop up the ground rather than digging into these materials. Carbide blades mount to the bottom of standard augers, replacing both the standard point and side cutting blade. Includes Grade 5 mounting bolts and locknuts.

Key Features:

  • 42" Long
  • 36" Depth Of Hole
  • 8" Carbide Blade
  • For Snap-On Augers

Manufacturer Little Beaver Inc.
Length 42"
Hole Diameter 8"
Depth of Hole 36"
Attachment Style Standard (Bolt-On)
Type Snap-On