Little Beaver Auger - Snap-On - Carbide Ripper

This 36" heavy-duty auger is designed for drilling in rocky or abrasive soils. It includes a Pengo-style bolt-on point, ripper teeth, and two drive-in blades.
Part Number: 10X36-SSCRT

$406.09 each


Little Beaver Auger - Snap-On - Carbide Ripper

Looking to drill in rocky, abrasive soils? Little Beaver heavy-duty Pengo-style augers are just what you need!

Key Features:

  • 36" Long
  • 10" Pengo-Style Bolt-On Point
  • Snap-On Auger
  • Carbide Blade With Ripper Teeth

Pengo Augers - A style of auger cutting head originally designed by the Pengo Corporation, using replaceable cutting blades with a rubber lock. It is a more aggressive and rugged design useful in rocky soils. These components do the actual cutting as the auger rotates, protecting the auger from excessive wear.

Manufacturer Little Beaver Inc.