Little Beaver Auger - Snap-On - Carbide Ripper

Use this Little Beaver 36" snap-on auger to dig through various terrains. The carbide ripper teeth help cut through tough soil or frozen ground.
Part Number: 6X36-SSCRT

$372.09 each


Little Beaver Auger - Snap-On - Carbide Ripper

Looking to drill in any terrain? A Little Beaver snap-on auger is what you need. The convenient spring-loaded snap button helps secure the auger to the drill head. Heavy-duty flighting helps protect the auger from damage and reversible blades ensure that you'll keep using your blade for longer. The carbide ripper helps drill through hard clay or frozen ground.

Key Features:

  • 36" Long
  • 6" Bolt-On Point With Carbide Ripper
  • American-Made Quality

Pengo Augers - A style of auger cutting head originally designed by the Pengo Corporation, using replaceable cutting blades with a rubber lock. It is a more aggressive and rugged design useful in rocky soils. These components do the actual cutting as the auger rotates, protecting the auger from excessive wear.

Manufacturer Little Beaver Inc.
Product Type Auger