Little Beaver Auger - Heavy Duty - Hs 12" - Rock Bit

This 12" D-series auger is for the Big Beaver earth drill. The included rock bit can drill through various soils and has a 12" flighting with a hardscaping bead.
Part Number: 10X12-DHR

$864.34 each


Little Beaver Auger - Heavy Duty - Hs 12" - Rock Bit

D-Series augers work exclusively with the Big Beaver. The Big Beaver is a powerful solution for soil sampling, foundation repair, geotechnical, and drilling environmental test wells. This auger offers solid construction and still includes the easy-to-use snap-on connection to make taking an auger on and off fast. The rock bit helps drill through a variety of soils.

Key Features:

  • For Use With Big Beaver Earth Drill
  • Length: 12"
  • Diameter: 10"
  • Drill At Deeper Depths
  • Rock Bit
  • Snap-On Installation
  • 12" Flighting With a Hardscaping Bead
Manufacturer Little Beaver Inc.
Product Type Auger